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Permanent Secretariat Department

- Personalized assistance to meet the specialized needs of the President of the Board and other executive members.
- Management of charging membership fees through direct debit.
- Resolution of queries, doubts and problems that can arise for members.
- Full management of events, workshops, courses, conferences and other activities that are entrusted upon the Secretariat.
- Processing of the collection and payment of invoices issued and received by the society.
- Renewals and cancellations of memberships.
- Preparation of reports and certificates.
- Attendance at society meetings, preparing minutes of the contents thereof.
- Management of scholarships and awards offered by the society.
- Organization of the income and expenditure accounts, quarterly accounts, tax and legal assistance if needed.
- Management of the web page content.
- Dissemination of news, activities and matters regarding society members.
- Maintaining contact between the members of the Board.

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Permanent Secretariat Department
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